Ridge Ramble Results

Trent Ernst, Editor

There were 51 runners of all ages out at the Tumbler Ridge golf and Country Club for the Annual Ridge Ramble Cross Country Race, held October 17.

The day featured a mix of sun and cloud, and cool temperatures, never getting above eight degrees. Perfect weather for a fall run.

The fastest time for the 6 km run was Dawson Creek’s Fiona Benson, who finished the race in 23:14.

The fastest male across the line was Brandon Lysholm, also of Dawson Creek.

There were three categories for younger runners. Kids in grades 1–6 ran 1.3 km, while kids in grade 7–9 ran 3 km.

Finally, students in grades 10–12 ran a 4.7 km race, which is a new category this year, as this is the length of race that these kids will be running at zones in a week.


Grade 1-3 Boys 1.3 km
Tyson Fells Bezanson 0:06:54
Hercules Gilman Dawson Creek 0:07:36
Finn Deeley Tumbler Ridge 0:08:03
Gabriel Chretien Tumbler Ridge 0:08:39
Ethan Smith Tumbler Ridge 0:08:41
Martin Loxam Tumbler Ridge 0:08:51
Thomas Chretien Tumbler Ridge 0:10:15

Grade 1-3 Girls 1.3 km
Violet Gilman Dawson Creek 0:07:19

Grade 4-6 Boys 1.3 km
Austin Loxam Tumbler Ridge 0:06:33
Ronan Deeley Tumbler Ridge 0:07:26

Grade 4-6 Girls 1.3 km
Savannah White Tumbler Ridge 0:05:55
Mikah MacLean Tumbler Ridge 0:07:09
Eve Broderick Tumbler Ridge 0:07:14

Grade 7-9 Boys 3 km
Dustin Bowes Fort St. John 0:14:20
Aidan Broderick Tumbler Ridge 0:17:01
Kurtis Wainwright Fort St. John 0:17:24

Grade 7-9 Girls 3 km
Bailey Shoemaker Dawson Creek 0:15:40
Morgan Armstrong Fort St. John 0:17:30
Kailey Alyward Tumbler Ridge 0:18:11
Malana Loxam Tumbler Ridge 0:21:47
Jenna Meszaros Dawson Creek 0:25:59

Grade 10 Boys 4.7 km
Adam Wangler Dawson Creek 0:20:04
Tyler McElderry Dawson Creek 0:20:52
Drayden Tyrrell Fort St. John 0:24:24
Ryan Anderson Dawson Creek 0:25:46
Jack Wright Dawson Creek 0:25:49
David Leachman Dawson Creek 0:29:20

Grade 10-12 Girls 4.7 km
Shauna Wangler Dawson Creek 0:23:22
Sarah Shoemaker Dawson Creek 0:23:43
Jaston Stockall Fort St. John 0:23:46
Ashley Wangler Dawson Creek 0:24:00
Megan Meszaros Dawson Creek 0:25:57
Madison Bassett Dawson Creek 0:27:28
Emma Casey Dawson Creek 0:27:29
Heather Smith Fort St. John 0:33:35
Haley McKechnie Dawson Creek 0:33:39

Grade 10-12 Boys 6 km
Leighton Wolf Dawson Creek 0:26:16
Braiden Chalifoux Tumbler Ridge 0:40:21

Open Men 6 km
Brandon Lysholm Dawson Creek 0:24:46
Jared Torraville Tumbler Ridge 0:33:46

Open Women 6 km
Fiona Benson Dawson Creek 0:23:14
Romy Epiard Tumbler Ridge 0:32:02
Evan Wilson Dawson Creek 0:34:35
Amber Bell Tumbler Ridge 0:43:40
Annick LetourneauTumbler Ridge 0:44:00

Masters Men 1 (35–49) 6 km
Jonathon Gilman Dawson Creek 0:30:47
Tom Phillips Tumbler Ridge 0:51:14
Masters Women 1 (35–49) 6 km
Sarah Mahaffy Tumbler Ridge 0:32:05

Masters Men 2 (50+) 6 km
Terry Smith Grande Prairie 0:24:58
Eric Wolf Dawson Creek 0:28:25

Masters Women 2 (50+) 6 km
Birgit Sharman Tumbler Ridge 0:34:32