Ridge Ramble

By-Election in Tumbler Ridge

As many of you may have noticed, Tumbler Ridge is seeking nominations for prospective candidates for an upcoming Municipal By-Election. The vacancy was created when Ray Proulx resigned from Council to take on the Economic Development Officer position.

For those of you who normally let municipal elections go by without much notice, I encourage you to take an active interest in this one. The town needs to elect an individual who has the energy, the drive and the vision to ensure a positive outcome. The individual must be a team player, yet be able to demonstrate ability to initiate projects that meet the community?s needs.

Those people seeking consideration will become official candidates after February 02, 2004. Provided there is more than one candidate, and there will be, the actual election date will be set at that time. Then the real fun begins as you and I get to decide who has both the head and the heart to fulfill the duties of the job.

So keep your eyes and ears open over the next few weeks and think carefully about who you would like to set elected. This one is important for all of us.

Tumbler Ridge Library Board Adds New Members

For the first time in more than 2 years the Library Executive Board is full. In fact an election was required on Monday, January 12th because there were more candidates than positions that needed filling. The successful nominees were Larry White, Rolf RaquƩ, Trish Clooney and Rosemary Foerster. Head Librarian, Michelle Burton, is pleased to have a full Board but expressed her disappointment that there wasn?t room to facilitate all of the interest. She would also like to thank outgoing Chair Mike Ekins for all of his past efforts.

Burton would also like to thank Janet Hartford for all her contributions to the library. Janet has served on the Board since the library was first founded, in the early 1980?s. Janet was instrumental in creating the very first Tumbler Ridge library.