Roxy Wrote a Thing: Taiwanese Television

Bromance Promotional Picture

Promotional picture for the Taiwanese television drama, Bromance.

Roxanne Braam

I go through phases when it comes to the entertainment that I consume. My tastes run from widely popular series such as Game of Thrones to Taiwanese romantic comedies. I’m currently in a Taiwanese/Korean/Japanese romantic comedy phase. And it is delightful!

Most recently I’ve binge watched Bromance, a story about a girl who has had to keep her identity as a girl a secret due to the predictions of a fortune teller her parents went to see after her birth. This secret has to be kept until she turns 26.

The show starts when she is 25. She’s lived her whole life as a boy. Circumstances arise in the first episode which has her saving the life of a gang leader and his sister which ends with her becoming the gang leader’s sworn brother. As you can imagine, hijinks ensue…and then there’s the whole romantic comedy aspect that comes in to play.

Gender bending is a popular trope in Asian television dramas. Other tropes that are almost certain to appear throughout a series include amnesia, hypothermia while in the woods prompting character A to take care of character B, crazy yet lovable families, near-death situations which brings characters closer than ever before, love triangles… Pretty much any situation that serves to put the characters in to intense situations that force them to come to terms with their feelings.

If you have Netflix, odds are you might have seen a few Asian television shows in the main feed. If this is something that has piqued your interest, a few good ones you can watch on Netflix include Secret Garden (nothing like the book by Frances Hodgson Burnett), and Boys Over Flowers. Neither of these series features the genderbending trope, but definitely they fulfill the others! Don’t worry, they all have subtitles! If Bromance sounds like your cup of tea or something that you might be interested in checking out is the place to go. They even offer a seven day free trial so you can watch without advertisements!

These shows can seem incredibly ridiculous as times, but that’s part of their charm. It’s all hyperbolic. Emotions are turned up to 11.

And I absolutely love it.