Running the Emperor’s Challenge

By Mila Lansdowne

Brianne Logeman, a 25-year-old Fort St.John resident, arrived in Tumbler Ridge on Friday August 8 to participate in the Emperor?s Challenge – half marathon mountain run the following morning. Brianne is very passionate about her running.

Her father introduced the Calgary born athlete to this sport-discipline and she kept the activity up through all her life changes. She has been running through school/ high school/college (she graduated with a Bachelor of General Studies)

Brianne?s hometown for the last 16 years is Fort St. John, but her active life-style, professional and private, and her open attitude leads her to many places and situations.

For the last five months, Brianne taught English in China. The different culture and working in a country with a large population brought new insights and experiences into her life. She loved the ?eco-friendly? farming methods she witnessed during her stay in a small rural community just outside the busy city of Fengdu. The environmental impact of a dense population like the Province Sichuan with 470 people per square mile strengthened Brianne?s dedication to environment protection.

The 1200 capacity children?s school in Fengdu, where Brianne worked as an English teacher, provided her with the opportunity to keep running and supported the recovery from an injury she suffered.

The young woman heard about the Emperor?s Challenge three years ago from her friend who ran the half marathon mountain race. Although her previous runs were maximum 10 km, she set herself a personal goal and signed up for the Emperor?s Challenge 2008.

The success of an athlete is based on several components; food, exercise and dedication, but there is the non-material component of success, moral support. Friends are important in Brianne?s life. Two of them accompanied her to the Emperor?s Challenge and provided support before and after the race. More friends came to see her on the day of the race and several of them are inspired to participate in future Emperor?s Challenge runs. After her first-hand experience, Brianne is sure that her father and her husband will come with her to Tumbler Ridge in August, 2009 to ?Rise to the Challenge?.