Safety Series Introduction

Well, it is the start of a new year, new beginnings, new resolutions for things we want to accomplish. My goals for the year are lofty, some personal, some educational, and some professional, and touching on all of them is ?this??.

And what is ?this? you might ask, well ?this? is my mind getting ahead of my fingers and deciding that one of my goals this year would be tackle a project that I have had in the back of my mind for several years. I have decided to write a weekly column, but hmm? what could I write about? I could tackle cooking, but I burn water, I could talk about fishing, but the only action I get on my line is the worm escaping, I could tackle, I know, I could tackle something I actually know about.

Safety, yup, that wonderful word, makes you all warm and fuzzy just saying it doesn?t it. Actually I should be more specific even, workplace safety. Yup, that?s it, I am going to write a years worth of articles based upon safety in the workplace, based on helping you and your loved ones come home at the end of the day, or the end of the job with all their fingers and toes still there, their thought processes (flawed though they may be) intact and hopefully smiling as they tell you about their day.

There is a lot to share about this subject, some of what I might tell you might concern your company and your bosses and their obligations to ensure you have safe work environments, some might concern your obligations to do the same. I could give you some practical advice on tips and techniques to keep you safe as you go about your work, that might be good too. Maybe you have been trying to find out about some safety issue in your workplace, I am open to trying to help you find the answers and will be welcoming notes from you asking me questions and perhaps placing some of the best of them into an article as well.

I have rattled around a few industries myself as well, unlike my fathers generation it is not usual for folks in mine to work not one but several careers over their life and that means that I have a bunch of stuff I could share with you from a few different industries and even better because of my work I have tons of friends who have rattled around the bushes as well and they apparently are dying (pun intended) to share their collective wisdom with me and tell me how they work safely in their industries and I hope to pass along some of that wisdom to you as well. These folks work in forestry, mining, oil & gas, trucking, and construction to name a few so I really hope to combine their thoughts into my writing as well and make a truly useful series for all of you.

Just talking to the crew has got me excited about all the things I could write about ( I know, I need a life), but anyway, they had tons of ideas that combined with my own might mean I actually make it to the goal of an article a week for 52 weeks. Things like the cost of safety, toolbox meetings, accident prevention, winter safety, mining safety tips, confined space entry, helicopter logging, crew transport, i mean the list could be endless (fortunately for you it is not). Anyway, the point is, that there are a lot of issues that go into us having safe workplaces and I know I am going to touch on a wide variety of them and provide all kinds of useful information for all of you, from the owners and managers of our businesses right to the front lines and the workers.

Mainly though, I just want to share some time with you, and not preach to you the value of safety in the workplace but rather just share some information with you. Hopefully something I say, will stick, and perhaps ensure that in that one instant when the whole world can go wrong and ?Murphy? reaches up and grabs you, that in that one moment you will remember something that I have said here and slap that silly bugger down and keep on working safely.

So, I hope you enjoy and find what I write educational, informative, and especially useful to you and yours in this new year and I look forward to writing these articles for you each week.

So stay safe and I will talk to you again next week.