Peace Island Park Sand Sensations

Trent Ernst, Editor

Much of art is ephemeral. Temporal. Not meant to last. Nobody alive has ever heard Mozart as performed by Mozart, or seen Pavlova dance. We have copies of Mozart’s music, and films of Pavlova dancing, but these are only echoes of the performance, not the performance itself.

Sculpting sand is a highly transient form of art, too, practiced by both children and a highly specialized group of people, many of whom were at Peace Island Park in Taylor for the First Sand Sensations Carving Competition last weekend. And while a light glue-like substance has been sprayed over the sculptures to help preserve them, over the next few weeks and months the ravages of wind and rain and sun and (too soon), snow and ice and frost will destroy these temporary masterpieces. If you haven’t made it down to see the sculptures, it may not yet be too late.Or you can check out a gallery of photos at our facebook page: