Scholarships offered by BC Hydro

VANCOUVER – BC Hydro has introduced four new BC Hydro Seventh Generation scholarships with a total annual value of $2,500. The scholarships will be awarded annually for at least the next three years to members of the Seventh Generation Club. The club encourages First Nations youth to make healthy choices, participate in sports and the community, and stay in school. The deadline for scholarship applications for 2004 is July 16, 2004.

The following scholarships are being offered:

* One $250 scholarship for a student who will be entering Grade 10 in

September 2004;

* One $250 scholarship for a student who will be entering Grade 11 in September 2004;

*Two $500 scholarship for students who will be entering Grade 12 in September 2004; and

* One $1,000 scholarship for a student who will graduate from Grade 12 in June 2004 and will continue their education full-time at a post-secondary education institution in the area of study of their choice.

The BC Hydro Seventh Generation Club scholarships are offered to individuals who are, or have been members of the Seventh Generation Club for at least one year, who are residents of B.C., and who are attending school or who are attending a public post-secondary institution full-time in any field of study. Scholarships are not transferable to another year.

“One of the objectives of the Seventh Generation Club is to encourage First Nations students to stay in school and complete their education,” said BC Hydro Outreach Program manager, Arlene Shwetz. “These scholarships will support and inspire club members to continue their education, and go on to set and reach their career goals.”

Application packages can be obtained from BC Hydro’s Outreach Programs manager, Arlene Shwetz – phone: 604 623-4422, fax: 604 623-3937,



The Seventh Generation Club is administered by the First Nations Schools Association, under the guidance of a management board. The club is funded through the sponsorship of BC Hydro, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Vancouver Canucks, Historica Foundation, and First Nations Chiefs’ Health Committee. Over 6,000 students throughout the province are members of the club.

Arlene Shwetz

BC Hydro Outreach Programs Manager

Phone: 604 623-4422