On May 16th, Councillor Larry White represented Council in expressing interest for Claude Galebois to School District #59 (SD #59). The presentation was given at the scheduled school board meeting at Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary school (TRSS).

With the building being vacant for a couple of months now, the District would like to either purchase or lease the school or make any other arrangement that the school District would like to bring up for discussion.

White said that Council members would not like to see the school close. He said that the District is interested in making use of the school in whatever means that they can negotiate. If acquired, the school will be used exclusively for public use. Volunteer groups and organizations would have access to the facility. White said that he would personally like to recommend that the location be an extension of the Community Centre.

SD #59 asked White that if they wanted the building back, what kind of arrangement could be made. White responded to say that if the school was purchased by the District, then obviously it would not be an option. However, if the District is leasing the property, then arrangements can be made in the lease agreement.

The other question that was raised by SD #59 was about rezoning. They wanted to know if the District had any plans to rezone the building. White responded that if purchased, the District would have full authority to rezone the building. If leased, then it would be the choice of the school District to rezone.

Gerry Slykhuis, Secretary/Treasurer for SD #59, was available for comment on May 17th to say that the decision has been made to sell Claude Galebois. ?The details haven?t been worked out yet,? he said, ?the cost of the listing and when it will happen has yet to be determined.?

Further details will be brought forward at the Town Hall meeting that is open to the public on May 29th.