School District #59

Just What Does the District Resource Centre Do??

The School District 59 Resource Centre exists to support all learners in our district. It also serves all the schools of the district in a variety of ways. It provides teacher support through the distribution and tracking of a large number of resources such as text books, novels, videos, DVD?s, book collections, pictures, instructional resources, big books, science kits and professional resources.

When requested by the schools, the District Resource Centre also provides laminating, tape duplication, transparency and slide production, photocopying and collation.

The Resource Centre supplies teachers with computers and manages the tracking system so the district can locate any of its computers issued to staff.

The Resource Centre staff includes a Resource Centre Coordinator and three clerical staff who are able to assist people with a wide range of services. These services include completing an online search for materials, help in locating the materials and offering suggestions on appropriate materials for different topics. They can also teach staff how to reserve resources on-line. As well, the staff maintains the District events web calendar and manages the District Teacher Centre. The District Resource Centre is open from 8 am to 4 pm every weekday and is open to teachers one Saturday per term.