School Happenings

TRSS has once again had quite the fortnight to remember. The grade sevens, eights and nines had an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to listen to an Olympic wrestler, a motivational speaker. She was one of the first girls in Canada to take wrestling seriously. One of the most memorable things she told us was the famous quote ?You?re not born a loser, you?re born a chooser?.

Then on Tuesday the school-wide basketball tournament started. Out of the four teams the two winning teams will have a play off on Thursday. The whole school got to watch the games and it was really exciting. I think we all owe the referees a big thank you.

Also on March 6th the school will seem pretty empty. The travel club will be heading off for Europe, and will be going to Paris, Monaco, Assisi, Florence and Rome.

The Global Warming Group started on Monday. If anybody would like to join they would like you meet them in Ms. O?Reilly?s classroom on Mondays.