Scouts International Turns 100

On the evening of February 18th, over 80 people gathered for the centennial anniversary dinner of Scouts International. Held in the basement of New Life Assembly Church, it was an event of reminiscing and celebration. Children and adults alike filled the room. Sectors of Scouts in the Tumbler Ridge branch are Beavers (ages 5-7) and Cubs (ages 8-10). There is also an age category for Scouts, however Tumbler Ridge does not currently have an active sector.

Special guests were invited, beginning with the Bill and Pauline Hendley. Reverend Hendley was a founding leader in Tumbler Ridge and gave a Toast to the Founder of Scouts, Lord Robert Baden-Powell.. Other guests attending were George and Sheila Rowe. Pastor Rowe was involved in scouting in Newfoundland. Bob and Delores Norman were at the celebration as well, with Mr. Norman having spent a decade or so in the scouting movement in the 1970?s in Saskatchewan. Local residents previously involved in scouting included Kevin and Elinor Pack; Jeff and Elaine Cooper; Beverly and Ken Kellough; Lynn Lake and Barb Schuerkamp, who served as camp nurse in her day. Out of town guests included Ron and Cany Zsomber, Fort St. John.

The evening kicked off with the signing of a guest book, accompanied by the creation of a Centennial Tree of cut-out hand prints bearing the names of attendants and their families.

Group Commissioner Tina Webb emceed most of the program with Dawn Wagner leading the children in song. The program also included an indoor campfire (via the magic of a flame-simulated heater, led by former Campfire Master Kevin Pack. The history of the Tumbler Ridge Scouts was revisited through the Campfire segment, drawing giggles from the children at Mr. Pack?s feet, hearing about such calamities as forty-six below campouts, snow, rain and occasional fire mishaps. Kevin Pack said there is always an on-going need for volunteers for Scouts and furthered that his involvement was both rewarding and great fun for the adults as well.

The children, bringing to light the reason why Scouts greet with another with a left-hand shake, acted out skits. Ask one of the kids or adults involved in scouting to fill you in, it was an interesting story.

The d├ęcor of the event was tables with balloons and carefully crafted centerpieces in the shape of birthday candles. These were done by the Beavers sector. Lions Club President Frank Walsh, along with Lions Elaine and Jeff Cooper presented a wonderful donation, courtesy of the Lions Club, in the amount of $1000.00.

With Father David John leading Grace, the Ladies Auxiliary prepared a lovely turkey dinner. The Tumbler Ridge Catholic Church is the sole sponsor for Scouts. February 22nd marks the double celebration of the birthdays of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell (husband and wife). Lord Robert Baden-Powell founded Boy Scouts and Lady Baden-Powell developed the first Girl Guides group.