Screening Mammography – British Columbian Women More Aware, but Further Education Needed

Results from first year of Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation BC/Yukon Chapter advertising campaign are encouraging as women respond to call to action

(Vancouver, BC) ? The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, B.C./Yukon Chapter (CBCF), today announced the second year launch of the GO HAVE 1 advertising campaign in British Columbia. The continuation of the screening mammography campaign follows the success of the first year of the program, which aimed to raise awareness about the health benefits of screening mammography and early breast cancer detection, and see more women book appointments for mammograms across the province.

Launched in the spring of 2005, the campaign encourages women age 40 and over to call 1.888.GO.HAVE.1 (1.888.464.2831) to schedule a free appointment, or visit for more information on screening mammography. At the time of the launch, statistics indicated that less than 50% of B.C. women over 40 were booking screening mammography appointments, a figure that falls below the World Health Organization target.

?Since the launch of the advertising campaign, we have seen an increase of 23% in the number of first time bookings for mammograms,? said Dr. Moira Stillwell, Chair of the CBCF Board of Directors. ?While this is a great improvement in screening mammography participation, it doesn?t mean that we can become complacent as we need to reach 100%.?

In addition to the initial 2005 investment of $1-million from the Government of British Columbia to increase screening mammography participation, the CBCF has received a further $1-million grant to continue the public awareness program. Utilizing the original creative which demonstrates that regular mammography finds a tumor a smallest, the 2006 campaign, devised by The Cossette Communication Group, will utilize print, broadcast and online mediums. The program will run from March 2006 until the end of Breast Cancer Awareness month in October 2006.

Dr. Andy Coldman, the B.C. Cancer Agency?s leader of Population and Preventative Oncology comments, ?This advertising campaign is crucial in terms of education and awareness. Untrained breast self-examination simply cannot find tumors until they are of a certain size. Screening mammography is the most effective known method to detect breast cancer early.?

Mammography only takes a few minutes, is free, and women between the ages of 40 and 79 can book a free examination without a doctor?s referral through one of the centres of the Screening Mammography Program of B.C. The Screening Mammography Program of B.C. is a program of the B.C. Cancer Agency.

About the CBCF

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