Seniors’ Floor Curling

On Saturday the 12th. Jan. four fun-loving seniors arranged to set out for Tomslake at the unlikely hour of 7 am. Everyone was up and eager to go, so we piled into one vehicle and headed out.

We passed several moose who seemed anxious to see us safely on our way.

When we arrived at Tomslake we were amazed to see the school car-park just about full. Well, here we were-we would just have to show these folks we could hold our own.

We were given a warm welcome on registration and were surprised to find players had come from Beaverlodge, Grande Prairie, Bonanza, Ft. St. John, Dawson, not forgetting Tomslake, plus a few visitors from Prince George, in all a total of 96 entrants. We passed the welcoming table fully loaded with goodies the local members had provided and were soon absorbed by the melee of friendly happy people out to meet friends old and new and to enjoy the day. We were split up and each assigned to one of 24 teams so into battle we went on four lanes. The atmosphere was electric with lots of encouragement and laughter.

We enjoyed a splendid lunch then returned to the fray for the afternoon session. Our last games finished around 5pm.

The moose were once again watching along the road to witness our return.

This was our first venture into the unknown but we we were pleased we were not outclassed.

The next Funspiel is in Dawson with further ones booked for Beaverlodge and Bonanza in the near future.

Come out and join the fun on Tuesdays at the Rec Centre, 1-4pm. Besides floor curling there are also card and board games available.