Senior?s Golf

What a week we have had at the golf course. For those of you who have never golfed let me give you a quick lesson in ?golf speak?. You first put a little thingy (a tee) in the ground and set your ball up on it. You whack the ball as best you can with your club and hope it lands somewhere on the grass 200 yards in front of you (dream on). When you get to the other end of that patch of grass there is a more lush patch of grass called (how terribly clever) ?the green?. When you land your ball on ?the green? everyone tells you what a good job you?ve done because you are now ?on the dance floor?. Are you still with me here??

Well . . . . last Tuesday one of our course workers turned around on number 4 ?dance floor? to find Grizwald the Grizzley standing up with arms outstretched waiting to dance. Now I don?t know if the worker was shy, didn?t know how to dance, or was just plain rude but he walked off that ?dance floor? and left poor Grizwald just standing there wondering if he had forgotten to shower that morning. He was so stunned I don?t believe he even followed the fellow or asked for an explanation. I don?t think he has been spotted since.

Wednesday morning, May 24, 16 very brave seniors went out in spite of the previous days happenings . . . takes more than a dancing bear to scare we seniors off the course. We played everybody?s favourite ?HORSE? game. One poor horse was lost forever in the woods but the team of Martha Kennedy, Paul Deren, Lloyd Hanburg and Gerry Fraser brought their horse home in the shortest period of time and with the fewest whip marks. The way most of us played the horse game I don?t think any of us will be offering to volunteer for the RCMP musical ride and, more importantly, I don?t think they will want us.

Again lunch was served at the Viewpoint in spite of the fact they were run off their feet in there.

Please make a note that starting with June 7 Seniors Golf will move up to 9:30 AM. I will be away for the next week or two but we?ll talk when I get back. Enjoy.