Seniors task force struck

Stakeholders attended the first meeting to address the needs of seniors on November 19th.

Frank Walsh, and George Hartford, Lions Club; Charles Helm, TR Medical Clinic; Dave Price, Northern Health Authority; Mary Frizzell, Tumbler Ridge Health Centre; Bill Hendley, Reg Moore, and Jan Kolhauser, TR Cares attended. Mayor Caisley and Lonny Miller, CAO represented Council and Town Hall, and Aileen Torraville, District of Tumbler Ridge attended as the recording secretary.

This initial meeting was called to establish an action plan, and to identify exactly what the needs of seniors are specific to Tumbler Ridge.

Some of the questions on the table were: exactly how many seniors reside in the community? The number is unknown but no plans can move forward effectively without establishing the number. In the mid-nineties we had (in the entire Tumbler Ridge population), two seniors who resided here. Of course all of that has changed with the demographic shift created by the housing sale in 2000.

The Task Force will be meeting again on November 26 to identify the specific terms of reference, and to establish a core group that will report back to Council.

Residents interested in participating can contact Lonny Miller at town hall or one of the Comittee members.