Service Canada meeting held

Service Canada held a community meeting at the Tumbler Ridge Community Centre September 18, 2007. Service Canada aims to improve the delivery of government services. In order to gauge the needs of communities, Service Canada holds informal meetings in communities to gather invaluable information.

The meeting on September 18, 2007 was an information gathering session for individuals in Tumbler Ridge as well for Service Canada. Andrea Robertson, Service Canada Program Officer, explains the main objective of the meeting was to ?engage in discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of the local labour market, and how these strengths and weaknesses are impacting on people, employers and the community of Tumbler Ridge?.

People invited to the meeting were representatives from local businesses, industry, local government and economic and social development perspectives. The people in attendance were able to offer different observations and offer insights to Service Canada about what is going on in the local labour market. The meeting echoed several communities in the Peace Region. The lack of skilled labourers is a major concern in the local labour market.

Service Canada will use the information gathered to assist with the development of local office plans for investing funds from Employments Benefits and Support Measures Program. The local office in Tumbler Ridge is TRENDS(Tumbler Ridge Employment Needs Development Services).

TRENDS offers and assists individuals in accessing programs through Service Canada. The following programs are available to residents of Tumbler Ridge:

Employment Assistance Service Program- This may include: the provision and sharing of labour market information, employment counseling, job search skills, job placement services employment needs assessment and the development of a Return to Work Plan.

Skills Development Program- This is intended to support eligible individual?s who?s Return to Work Action Plan identifies a lack of marketable skills as an employment barrier.

Self Employment Benefit Program- This program provides financial assistance to eligible individuals to help them start their own businesses. It allows participants to concentrate on making their business succeed.

Targeted Wage Subsidy- This is a client based benefit. It is intended to assist individuals who have employment barriers that may be preventing them from becoming employed. While employers do benefit (they receive a subsidy for wages), the purpose should always be to assist individuals who need help to obtain employment.

Job Creation Partnership- This Program supports projects that create jobs which will provide eligible participants with opportunities to gain meaningful work

If you are interested in learning more about Service Canada?s programs, contact TRENDS at 242-0031. You may also visit their office. It is #201, 235 Front Street.