Mobile Visit from Service Canada for Tumbler Ridge

Lynsey Kitching
There was a time when Tumbler Ridge had some services; however, since TRENDS (Tumbler Ridge Employment Needs Development Services) closed down in March of this year, residents are left wondering why we need to drive at least an hour to get the basic services offered by Service Canada.
According to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada there are no plans to open a Service Canada Centre here in town, but they will continue to monitor the needs of services in Tumbler Ridge. Furthermore, in an email response, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada said, “If wishing to visit in-person, residents of Tumbler Ridge and surrounding areas have the option to go to the Service Canada office in Dawson Creek, BC. For job searches, individuals are also encouraged to visit their nearest Service BC Centres located in Chetwynd, BC or Dawson Creek, BC.”
This would require a person to travel at least an hour in either direction to get the information they need, unless they want to visit a website. With our population now growing with people moving into town, the need for services is growing. How can we make ourselves heard and seen? 
The answer is to show up to the Mobile Outreach Service visit from Services Canada. Our service representative is Emily Cooper. Mobile outreach services will be provided in Tumbler Ridge, BC and Service Canada staff are searching for a location to provide information on specific topics for the Tumbler Ridge community. The planned dates for a mobile outreach services visit are November 22 and 23, 2012. Planning is currently underway to confirm specific times and location.