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PH balance is the most important self help obligation that we must do for our health. Every one of us should have in our medicine cabinets some ph (potential hydrogen) strips. They can be purchased at any drug store or health food store. They are the key to our continuing good health. The body is meant to be in perfect balance with the ideal balance being 7.4. Anything less than 7.4 is acid and over the 7.4 is alkaline. The measure that is used is from 0 being the most acid to 14 which is the most alkaline. For health the body needs to be slightly alkaline but must maintain a blood pH as close as possible to an alkaline level of 7.4. If the blood pH falls to 7.2 or rises to 7.6 the body begins dying. The body must do what it must to maintain the optimal levels of blood pH, even if that means robbing our bodies of the nutrients that are meant for the other parts of our bodies. The first thing that happens when a condition or malady manifests is that it needs the right growing climate. Almost all disease needs acid to propagate, therefore if the body is kept at the ideal 7.4 pH or slightly alkaline the body has no way of propagating disease. The chemical breakdown on a piece of meat that has been left out to rot is that it immediately starts to acidify The more acid the cells become, the sicker we become and the worse we feel. Cells do not die until their pH falls to approximately 3.5

ACIDOSIS is the tendency of the body to be over acidic. Some of the symptoms of acidosis are stomach ulcers, frequent sighing, insomnia, migraine headaches, and abnormally low blood pressure, abnormal stools and burning, difficulty swallowing and bumps on the roof of the mouth. Some of the causes of acidosis are improper diet, obesity, ketosis, anger and stress. It is vitally important to eat a complete balanced diet containing low-level acid forming foods or alkaline forming foods. All foods with added sugar become acidic. Alcohol, drugs, aspirin, tobacco and vinegar are also acid forming except for the raw apple cider vinegar.

Recommendations–detoxify, detoxify, and detoxify

Kelp is recommended as it reduces acid in the body and potassium increases metabolism and balances the ph in the blood. Hydrotherapy will help in drawing out the toxins. Mind-body therapy recommends stress management and meditation. Also helpful are reflexology, acupressure, chelation, aromatherapy and oxygen therapy.

I could go on and on but space is limited so I must close for now. I hope that you all have a wonderfully healthy week and remember your reflections become your reality so choose the nourishing ones.

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