Shanco-Ma-m-Way Camp Opens in Tumbler Ridge

It was announced at the May 24th Committee of the Whole Meeting that the proposal for construction on a 200-man camp was awarded jointly to Shanco Camp Services Ltd. and Ma-m-Way Co-operative, both based out of Grande Prairie, Alberta.

The purpose of the complex was to house the workforce anticipated in the District of Tumbler Ridge by Western Canadian Coal Corporation. This camp was specifically built to accommodate the Wolverine Coal Project, but is also considered an ?open camp? for any workers in the Tumbler Ridge area.

The camp can facilitate up to 200 employees at a time, complete with housekeeping, meals, TV and parking. The workers get bused out each morning on three buses to the work site and return at day end. Currently, there are 80 workers staying at the self-contained site, 60 of which are employed by Western. Ongoing construction to trailers continues.

The location of the camp is described as adjacent to the Monkman RV Park, next to the existing Monkman Base Camp and Diner facility. There is a current lease agreement between the District and Shanco, ending January 30, 2007.

Shanco is affiliated with Legacy Camp Services; Caribou Camp Services and is a full service camp provider.

Caribou Camp Services is a joint union between Shanco, Sahtu Contractors, Tulita Development and Mckay Range Contracting. The company, who provides camps/catering to oil and gas, forestry, seismic, mining, and construction sites has built camps in Inuvik, Fort Simpson, Mackenzie Delta, Hay River, Fort Liard, Rainbow Lake, Zama and currently Tumbler Ridge.