Share the Joy ? the Christmas Hamper Campaign wraps up the season

Once again at the close of another hamper campaign I am reminded of the benefits of living in a small town.Tumbler Ridge is a unique community a combination of oldtimers and new folk who come together regardless of age,race or status to ensure that those within our community who are faced with difficulties are well looked after.

This years? hamper campaign was able to gift 32 hampers to families within our community. In the past I have never provided a breakdown but thought that it may be interesting to let you know the following statistics: we delivered 32 hampers, nine went to seniors, five to single parent families, seven to traditional family units ,six to families in medical crisis, & the remainder to young adults who were working but couldn?t make ends meet because of high rent.

A total of $8877.10 was raised in this years campaign and remains in the bank to be used when needed.

The following fundraising events were: the CBC Library Christmas Reading $276.95, Oldtimers Hockey game $239.50 Candlelight Service $114.74 ,Pictures with Santa $75.00, Mayors Food Drive $55.00 Shop Easy Tree $870.24 ,Can Collection $440.38, and Church Bake Sales $425.50.

The money raised from the sale of items at the Best Baker Contest purchased a considerable amount of the items that were placed in each hamper.

Young and old pitched in. The schools did soup can collections, the toy drop off sites were overflowing and the red hat ladies provided mitts & hats. The Cubs assisted with the food drive and the Junior Rangers sang carols . The fire department Mayor and Council gathered boxes of non perishables.

Because of the huge outpouring of items toys were once again gifted to Victims Services and the Safe House, and, the shelves at the Food Bank are well stocked.

A HUGE THANKS to Sanctuary Valley who provided all the potatoes, To Darryl at Shop Easy who gave us food at cost and to Loraine at Tumbler Ridge News who gifted time and space to cover all of our advertising requirements from letters,contest details and information at no cost. Their assistance was greatly appreciated. So to all of you who helped make this years hamper campaign a success I give you my thanks and encourage you to keep spreading the joy through out the New Year.