The ShopEasy Silent Auction fundraiser can already be called a huge success when looking at the donation of items that have been delivered to ShopEasy. There is a great assortment of items from limited prints, power tools, gift certificates and local artist?s work. It appears that donated items are still being dropped off, so Darryl Krakowka has decided to extent the auction until March 2, 2009 to allow fair bidding on the most recent items donated. There is an impressive assortment of items to view above the frozen food section of the store.

For those that like to collect the unusual there is a beautiful hand made Yukon coat trimmed in silver fox with a hand made pair of beaded mitts. A 2010 Olympic Cocoa Cola jacket is a rare find and is sure to be popular.

There is a collectible-framed hockey item if you are an Edmonton Oiler hockey fan and also a quilt to keep you warm.

For the practical bidder there is a set of stainless steel saucepans and a cordless phone set consisting of three phones. Some friends are even having fun trying to outbid each other on some items. Even though we are all aware of the economic times Tumbler Ridge has risen to the call to help out some of our residents once again and always does our town proud. So when you are viewing these items please remember what the reason behind this is, this project is so in need of your support. Please take time to view the new items on display and please be generous in your bids as were those who donated these items.