Skate Park for Tumbler Ridge

Without the land then it doesn?t happen. Ideas from the youth, public and RCMP led to four areas of interest which were presented to council for their review. All of our proposed sites met with council?s OK so the next step was to meet with Van der Zalm, put together a unique design and see which site was best. The agreed site was the corner of Northgate and Monkman Way. This location gave excellent visibility, good access to drainage, beside a parking lot, close to town and at the same time out of view of the down town and fit in with the surrounding recreational activities. It also allows for expansion for other related activities. Rather than being just a skate park, the area is being designed for a BMX fun track and trials area, water feature for toddlers, picnic tables, swings, sandbox and the list can go on depending on the wishes of the community. Hence, we felt that the term Youth or Family Park described the project better than a Skate Park. If the design and scope of the project favoured the entire family, more would benefit.