Skating in the Tumbler Ridge back country

What is there to do outside on the Christmas break when there is no snow? You can?t cross country ski up a frozen creek or go out into the mountains to take a ride on your new snowmobile or go tobogganing down hole #1 at the golf course or go snowshoeing anywhere! The answer is skating on the lakes near to TR.

Just before Christmas, several people checked the ice on the lake that is across from the NEMI loadout turnoff, going toward the Quintette mine, and found it to be thick enough. Each day from then on several families went skating during the brightest part of the day and had loads of fun on the smooth ice. On Saturday the numbers greatly increased after some calls were made to encourage anyone who would like to skate outside on a lake, but may not have known about this lake. By Sunday and Monday the word was out and the number of skaters was up to 40 or 50.

It was great to see so many out in the fresh air, seeing Babcock Mountain in the background, enjoying the mild weather and the bright sun, roasting hotdogs on the open fire, visiting with others and wondering why they had never been there before!

On the far side of the lake is a beaver lodge and a short way from there is a small beaver dam that you can cross over to where there is a very wide beaver dam. From here you can skate on the dam and up some ice channels made among the reeds and small earth mounds, almost to the water source.

Exploring the land around us is so refreshing and exciting! Just think. It could be a great summer place to canoe, see beavers in action and watch birds.

The other interesting thing that many people saw was the seismic people dropping the bags of cords off by helicopter on Saturday. Some heard the detonations on Sunday and many saw the helicopter pick up the bags again on Monday.

The one good thing for a year with little snow is that many people have been able to enjoy the outdoors and get to know the beautiful areas around TR.