Ski Mount Everest at Powder King this year

Trent Ernst


In 1970, Japanese Alpinist Yuichiro Miura climbed onto the shanks of Mount Everest, then skied down the South Col, using a parachute to control his speed on the icy slopes. After making it about half the way down, he lost control on the sheer ice, tumbling out of control towards the world’s largest crevasse at the bottom of the slope. He flew over a 33 foot cliff and onto his face, a harbinger of the drop awaiting him a very short way below.

But before he hit the crevasse, he hit a patch of snow and was able to dig in with his hands and feet and bring himself to a stop on the steep slope 100 m above certain death.

You won’t need a parachute, or even to travel to the Himalayas to duplicate his madness. Instead, all you’ll need to do is sign up for the Slopes for Hope at Powder King, happening March 22 of this year. As part of the event, individuals and teams will take the lifts to the top then ski back down to the bottom of the mountain, where instead of certain death, they will hop back on the lift, attempting to ski the vertical height of Mount Everest in one day.

Participants can sign up as individuals for a personal challenge, or in teams and split the distance between team members. Participants are invited to wear costumes and name their teams, as well as raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.

There will be food provided for participants, and an après-event with entertainment and prizes awarded at the end of the day.