Skilled Workers Program Returns

Trent Ernst, Editor

After being put on hold for the better part of the year, the Canadian Government has announced the criteria for the newly re-worked Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP).

There are two dozen eligible occupations in the program, which comes back into effect May 4, with a quarter of them connected to the mining industry.

The program allows skilled workers from other countries to apply for permanent residency in Canada, based on their ability to become economically established in Canada.

After meeting eligibility requirements, applicants are assessed against selection criteria, also known as the “points grid.” There are 100 points available to applicants, with points awarded for official language abilities, age, education, work experience, employment already arranged in Canada, and adaptability.

The current pass mark is 67.

Ottawa is also limiting the total number of applications to 5,000, including a maximum of 300 eligible candidates in each of the 24 eligible occupations.

Potential workers must also either have a “valid offer of arranged employment”, or be a foreign student studying at a PhD level.

Last summer, the program was suspended and all applications were sent back, barring this review.

In order to qualify, there is a minimum language threshold and an educational credential assessment.

The list of extractive industry professionals includes: engineering managers, geoscientists, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, mining engineers, geological engineers and petroleum engineers.

Qualifying non-industrial occupations include physiotherapy, aerospace engineers and interactive media developers.

The overall cap for applications is 5,000 with sub-caps of 300 applications in each job category.

The program has been on hold since July 1 of last year.