Sled dog races

The annual Sled Dog races were held this year at the Tumbler Ridge Golf Course on March 17th and 18th. There were many people from the community who came to watch the event.

The race has run approximately 10 years in Tumbler Ridge, weather permitting. This year, the weather conditions were perfect. Stacy Lajeunesse, one of the competitors, said that some years, there just wasn?t enough snow.

Lajeunesse, along with Lindsay Vandale, Constable Wayde Harvey, and Cody Williams (the races sponsor), were just some of the participants in the Saturday afternoon Celebrity Race.

Peter and Julie Harteveld were timekeepers for the races on Saturday. The couple brought along their four and a half month old dog, Chinook, to the event. They hope to race Chinook next year. Peter Harteveld said that a dog must be at least eight months old before they are able to pull a sled.