Small Crowd Rocks Out at EnCana

Lynsey Kitching

If the merch. tables were an indicator, most of the crowd was there to support Theory of a Deadman (TOAD)  on saturday night at the EnCana Events Centre in Dawson Creek. However, there were some of us who participated in the 90s who were super pumped about getting to listen to Big Wreck live.

Ian Thornley, with his graying hair, brought on stage with him wisdom, experience, many killer guitars and knowledge that he did not need a flashy outfit, big dance moves and coaxing to engage the audience, rather, he entranced the crowd with his monumental guitar solos full of the distortion, the loops and the build up you would expect from a genuine 90s rock band.

Being the opening act for the headliners TOADBig Wreck set the bar high for instrumentalism, melody and stage presence. Wow, what a show. His voice, though gruff and manly, is able to hit those notes like in the song That Song when he sings ‘So just leave the room” and he goes up like two octaves when he reaches ‘the room’.

Though they’re gettin on, they still got it.

They were humble and gracious when introducing the headliners, TOAD.

The group came out with a bang, well actually to the South Park song, Blame Canada. Pretty great intro. For me, probably the best part of the show, but for the rest of the young and mostly female crowd, TOAD rocked the house. They had gender sing-offs and brought so much energy to their performance.

Though the venue was far from capacity, the crowd who was there, rocked hard enough for a full house.