Smith earns Spectra bursary

Melissa Smith is the most recent Dual Credit student at Northern Lights College to receive a Spectra Energy bursary. The 16-year-old Smith is a student in the Esthetics and Nail Technology program, and was presented with the $2,000 bursary recently.

The bursaries were created when Duke Energy (now Spectra Energy) established a $1 million-endowment with the Vancouver Foundation for the Dual Credit program, as part of the Northern Opportunities program in the northeast. To receive a bursary, a student must be attending high school in the northeast and be registered in the Dual Credit program.

Bursary recipients are selected by a committee consisting of representatives from: Spectra Energy; School Districts 59, 60 and 81; Northern Lights College Foundation; B.C. Institute of Technology (BCIT); and North East Native Advancing Society (NENAS). Awards are primarily based on financial need (especially travel from one community to another), but grades, community involvement and geographical distribution are also considered.

Learners in any Dual Credit program are eligible to apply. Application deadlines are May 15 and Nov. 15 each year. Applications and further information are available at