SnoRider?s West Magazine Reviews

In the first few days of 2004, after a short relay of phone calls and e-mails, the District?s Economic Development Department secured a ride reviewer from SnoRider?s West magazine to visit Tumbler Ridge. This event finally took place on February 28th and 29th when writer Wayne Hamm, along with companions Jamie Cook and Dean Swaga made the 780 km trip from St. Albert, Alberta in search of a special sledding experience. With the help of some of our experienced local riders, they were definitely pleased with what we had to offer them. In an excerpt from his upcoming article, Wayne sums it up the best:

?If going to ?TR? to ride I would suggest a minimum of 5 days. We left the Bullmoose area with so much snow untracked. We tried; we really tried to track it all up. We needed at least one or two more days. The weather was phenomenal. Sunny, warm, excellent visibility and great snow. With one or two more feet of fresh powder and a couple more days of riding, ?TR? could conceivably be a sledder?s heaven.?

The District would like to acknowledge SnoRiders magazine for recognizing our potential and sending one of their most respected writers to help promote our community.

Due to the effectiveness of editorial-based content in magazines, the estimated value of an article is 50 times more than taking out an ad of the same size. People are able to relate more to the experiences that are being shared by another human being, and because the content is objective in nature, readers are more likely to trust what has been written. As Tumbler Ridge builds its capacity to host visitors from across the world, a greater number of other travel media representatives will be invited to showcase our community.

Thanks and salutations go out to the local riders who helped guide Wayne and his gang during their visit. These people include Fred and Brenda Banham, Ridgeriders President Clark Hazelhurst, Grant ?Creek Diver? Baron, Nigel Black (sorry about the sled), Wade Rumboldt and Conrad Steckler.