Snowmobile and ATV Use

I was at the meeting on Dec. 12th that the town put on to discuss ATV & snowmobile use in Tumbler Ridge, and was pleased to see a good turnout. Some people were in favour of continuing with the current corridors for these vehicles, some thought that ATVs and snowmobiles should be registered and licensed, and others would like to see them totally banned within the townsite. Everyone agreed though, that the problem lies with the minority of ATV/snowmobile users who are abusing their rights by riding in restricted areas, riding much too quickly, or riding in the middle of the night and causing a noise disturbance. There is a minimum $200 fine for riding an ATV/snowmobile in an area that is off limits. Maps showing the allowable areas can be picked up at Town Hall or the Fire Department office.

Enforcement is where the general public comes into play. The current bylaw enforcement officer has only received one official complaint to date of inappropriate use. If you see an ATV or snowmobile riding in an area that is off limits, I encourage you to call 242-3939 (Fire Department & Bylaw Enforcement) as soon as possible. If enough complaints are lodged, surely enforcement of the bylaw will follow. A new bylaw enforcement officer will begin work in town sometime in January, and Dan Golob assured those present at the meeting that this person?s first task will be dealing with the improper use of snowmobiles and ATVs. I am not against ATVs and snowmobiles, I would like to see people enjoying their machines while at the same time following the bylaw. It is my hope that we can all enjoy the trails responsibly in our own way.

Birgit Sharman