VICTORIA – With the busy winter log-hauling season underway, all snowmobilers are advised to be extremely cautious whenever they ride near an active forestry road, for their own safety and for the safety of forestry workers. Collisions or near-collisions between snowmobiles and vehicles happen on forest roads each winter. Accidents occur when snowmobiles are driven on forestry roads and when personal vehicles and trailers carrying snowmobiles obstruct or block roads during loading and unloading. Snowmobilers are also advised that it is illegal to operate a snowmobile on any Forest Service Road that has been plowed or that is passable to motor vehicles. This applies to all Forest Service Roads, except the Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail, which is subject to additional conditions. For more information, please refer to the Forest Service Road Use Regulation at: Winter forestry activities, such as log hauling and harvesting, are expected to continue for at least another six weeks and, depending on the weather and location, could continue for considerably longer. Snowmobilers should be aware that trucks may be on forest roads at any time of day or night, and any day of the week, so extreme caution is required at all times. Snowmobilers are advised to keep their headlights on at all times, keep well away from vehicles and forestry equipment and to keep off plowed forestry roads. Riders using unplowed forestry roads should also be aware that cross-country skiers may also be using the road. A guide for the public, entitled ?Forest Roads: Guide for Safe Travel,? is available on the ministry?s website at: