Solar Energy Captured at City Hall


Free energy from the sun will be pouring into Dawson Creek City Hall in northeast British Columbia thanks to a recently completed solar hot water heating system.

The installation of two solar panels completed the addition of a solar hot water heating component to the existing system at City Hall, and is part of the BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) and SolarBC?s provincial program promoting solar hot water heating.

?This installation is a focal point for the region,? says Mayor Calvin Kruk, ?and is an example of our commitment to implementing Dawson Creek?s Community Energy Plan and our desire to explore new ideas. It?s also an opportunity for local contractors to be involved in an expanding renewable energy business sector.?

Beyond adding energy to the City Hall hot water system, the installation is designed to be a demonstration site where contractors can see an operating system and also find information on training for installers or developers.

?Residents are also invited to visit the site,? says Kruk, ?to learn more about solar hot water and the programs that are available provincially.? The system is the same size as a typical residential system, so people can get an understanding of what they might see in their homes if they choose to go solar.

With a goal of 20 solar hot water systems to be installed in Dawson Creek by 2007, Nitya Harris of Solar BC is pleased with the progress being made in Dawson Creek.

?Dawson Creek has been one of the champions of SolarBC since the beginning of the project,? says Harris. ?We are very pleased that the demonstration solar hot water system is now installed at City Hall, and we look forward to working with the City, and the people, to make Dawson Creek a solar community.?

The system is considered a key component in raising awareness in the community of the potential for solar hot water and the provincial rebates that are still available. Partial funding is also available through Natural Resources Canada and the Renewable Energy Deployment Initiative.