Speaking out for kids with Cancer

Trent Ernst, Editor


Local 12-year-old, paper carrier, and editor’s daughter spoke to a group of kids at Windrem Elementary School last week, as part of the Cops for Cancer Tour de North.

Zoe Ernst spoke about her experiences with cancer, about how she slipped and fell when she was six years old and how that event caused her to ultimately wind up in surgery for what they thought was apendicitis, but turned out to be cancer.

Zoe was joined by the 15 riders on the Cops for Cancer tour, including her father, Editor Trent Ernst, who spoke about his experiences visiting the Canadian Cancer Society’s summer camp down at Loon Lake in Maple Ridge.

Tour coordinator Erin Reynolds spoke about flavoured tobacco products, which are being packaged in bright, child-friendly packages. These products do not currently need to carry the same warnings as a package of cigarettes. “You might look at this and think, ‘it has a picture of fruit on the package, fruit is good for me, this must be good for me.’ It’s not. It’s as bad for you as cigarettes, and just as addicting.

Zoe spoke in front of approximately 100 kids.

She was also joined by another Cancer survivor from Chetwynd, six-year-old Chase Kurjata.