Special Meeting of Council

June 29, 2009

1. Call to Order: 7:00pm

2. Delegation-Patrick Jarvis

Patrick Jarvis, Condor Industries Ltd., returned to answer Council?s questions and questions the gallery had regarding the proposed Biomass power plant. He had made a presentation to Council at a Policies and Priorities meeting once already on this project.

Jarvis started the evening by presenting a map to Council and those present to show there will be no shortage of trees for a proposed project of this size. His proposal will use one million cubic metres of trees per year. The map was comprised of five blocks, one block would be logged over four years. His proposal picked the most heavily infested area of pine beetle. He wanted to confirm that indeed, there would be enough trees.


Councillor McManus commented this project is the ?very type of project that our region can use?. He asked if there is anyway the district can support this project in other ways in case Tumbler Ridge does not support this project financially, since it is a 400 million dollar project.

Mr. Jarvis explained to Council, the money out of district?s pocket, in his proposal, would be $1500.00. This is the amount of money it costs to form a corporation. Once the district does this, the corporation formed can hire Patrick Jarvis, who will then ?bang on the doors? to get VCC (Venture Capitalist Corporation) money, in the amount of 100 million dollars, who will have a 25% share in the corporation. There will also be a joint partnership of 24% with five local native bands, and then other government grants will cover Tumbler Ridge?s 51% of the funds to get the project underway. Mr. Jarvis explained the projected revenue for Tumbler Ridge?s 51% per year is 164 million dollars.

Councillor McPherson asked Mr. Jarvis to explain why he was not excited about doing this proposed plant on a smaller scale. Mr. Jarvis was quick to explain the financial return on a smaller scale power plant is not worth the work involved. He said, ?it is not economically viable? on a smaller scale.

Councillor Wren asked why a private investor would give away 51%? Mr. Jarvis explained the cost for Tumbler Ridge can be funded through government grants but the private industry is not eligible for federal funding.

Councillor Mackay asked Mr. Jarvis to explain how carbon credit come into play. Mr. Jarvis explained once you capture the carbon, you can apply for carbon credits at $30/tonne.

Other points of interest:

?There are plans to replant. Whatever is harvested in the present year will be replanted the following year.

?Wood damaged by fire can still be used.

? Logging would be done using the clear-cut method. The entire tree will be used.

?A reservoir would be created. ?For every barrel of fuel, we need a barrel of water?, stated Jarvis.

?There are 0% emissions. Only nitrogen and oxygen are being released into the air.

?The biggest hurdle will be getting the EPA ( Electrical Purchase Agreement) signed with BC Hydro.

?The projected profit is based on selling 823,000 megawatt hours/year at a rate of $170 per megawatt hour.

?Operating costs will be approximately 227 million dollars/year.

?Seedlings would have to be ordered two years in advance.

?This proposed project would employ 600 people for 20 years.

?If there was another power outage in Tumbler Ridge, our power would be restored quickly since the power plant is right near by.

?Tumbler Ridge would have 51% ownership, therefore would be 51% responsible if something goes wrong.

Council thanked Mr. Jarvis for his time and for answering the questions they had for him. Mayor White ensured him this is a priority for them. NO decisions were made regarding this proposal.

3. 2008 Statement of Financial Information

The recommendation that Council approve the 2008 Statement of Financial Information-carried.

4. District of Tumbler Ridge 2009 Strategic Plan

The recommendation that Council adopt the District of Tumbler Ridge 2009 Strategic Plan-carried.

5. Segway Personal Transportation Alternative

A formal decision was made to send the following resolution for consideration to the Union of BC Municipalities upcoming conference:

Whereas approximately one half of all car trips are less than 5km long and involve only a single occupant;

AND Whereas the electric Segway Personal Transporter is an environmentally friendly, short distance type vehicle;

AND Whereas in 2007 at the UBCM Convention, local governments and the province demonstrated their shared commitment to take action on climate change by signing onto the BC Climate Action Charter;

Therefore it be resolved that the District of Tumbler Ridge request the UBCM to lobby the Provincial Government to amend the Motor Vehicle Act to allow for the use of the Segway Personal Transporter on sidewalks adjacent to roadways.

6.Adjourn: 8:40pm