SPUDtacular Potato Event

The potato is an unsung hero. It is a part of many meals, but doesn?t get the attention it deserves. You never hear, ?Come over for a potato dinner?we will also be serving turkey?. A group of creative teens took it upon themselves to rectify this situation by hosting a ?Spudtacular Potato Event? Sunday night to raise money towards the teen?s trip to Edmonton for YC 2005 (Youth Conference 2005).

The star of the evening was the spud. The evening began with a meal of baked potatoes, potato soup, potato casseroles, scalloped potatoes and potato salad.

After dinner guests entered a mashed potato sculpting contest, potato carving contest, potato peeling contest and a demonstration by Colette Ernst on making beautiful ?potato roses?. Prizes were given to the winners of the events which included; Sharai Zimmer for her mashed potato and chili volcano, Ruth Walkley and Dillon Rochon 1st and 2nd in the potato peeling contest and Kurt Peats (whale) and Jill Mason (button quail) in the potato carving contest.

Thanks to Gary, Carol, Scott, Michael and Sammie from the Sanctuary Valley Ranch for providing us with many of the potatoes for this event and thanks to everyone who attended and supported the youth financially.