Squad 1 Retired

(l-r) Firefighter Cristal Bertrand, Fire Chief Matt Treit, Deputy Fire Chief Diana Vandale Firefighter Brandon Braam,  Firefighter Steve Tory, Firefighter Dwayne Fry,, Lieutenant Dustin Curry and in the truck, Firefighter Ian Leach. Submitted photo.

After 30 years of service, Squad 1, the first fire truck in the history of Tumbler Ridge has been retired.  
Squad 1 is a mini-pumper on a one ton Chevrolet chassis, and for just over a year served as the only fire truck in Tumbler Ridge.  
Squad 1 would respond to structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, wild land fires, and any other type of emergency in and around the District of Tumbler Ridge.  With the arrival of a full size pumper truck in August of 1983, Squad 1 continued to respond to motor vehicle accidents and wild land fires, and in 1997 a new rescue truck was purchased and Squad 1 spent the next fifteen years responding only to wild land fires.  Over the last five years, however, the truck was plagued with mechanical problems and became increasingly unreliable.  
With the purchase of a new rescue truck in 2010, and with the conversion of the old rescue truck into a wild land fire truck, Squad 1 can now settle into a well-deserved retirement.  The future plans for this apparatus have not yet been determined.