Still not just a golf course

Natassja Anto-Keshen


Lately, there has been a lot of buzz regarding the Tumbler Ridge Golf and Country Club, and Graham Johnson is looking forward to letting everybody know exactly what’s going on.

The course will be hosting an Open House event from Thursday, March 20 to the 22 where you’ll be able to get your membership and ask any questions you might still have.

In an article TR News ran in early January, Lynsey Kitching spoke with Johnson about this project. “Along with being a golfer and having been drawn down the windy road to the course because of it,” she wrote, “the other main reason why Johnson is interested in the facility is because, as he says, he loves to bring people together. […] “I will take my experience in BJ’s in Grande Prairie, and take all of that history I have and bring it here. That is kind of my thought process on the entertainment side,” says Johnson.”

Johnson is holding true to his original statements, declaring that he wants to make the golf course a center for events in town. “I’ve done marketing and special events before” he says, and with a passion for music and entertainment, and a background in event planning, it seems like he should be able to achieve his goals. Having a good number of connections across the Canadian music industry sure isn’t going to hurt, and Tumbler Ridge might be able to look forward to some pretty good acts in the future.

Some tantalizingly vague references to a live concert on March 27 posted on the golf course’s Facebook page have also been confirmed. Dustin Bentall and Kendel Carson will be performing a live concert and they’re definitely a duo to draw a crowd! “If you haven’t heard them look them up, really, you’ll love them!” says Johnson. Doors will be thrown open at 7pm and the show starts at 8. Tickets will be available for $20 apiece from the golf course.