With the Federal election underway, the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute (CPPI) today called on the leaders of all political parties to support a process at the federal level to develop a strong and effective national strategy for renewable fuels.

?Canada?s major refiners and fuel retailers support the development and implementation of a consistent, safe and national approach to renewable fuels,? said Alain Perez, President of the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute. ?Federal leadership in developing a sound, workable alternative fuels strategy would ensure that Canada maximizes potential economic benefits and would assist the refining and fuel retailing sectors meet the ever increasing demand for fuel. In addition, a strategic approach could also help Canada achieve our Climate Change goals?

?To date in Canada, renewable fuel policy making has been an ad hoc piecemeal process. We believe that the interests of industry stakeholders and Canadian consumers will be best served by a comprehensive, national approach that considers all options in the context of national supply and demand trends, refining, distribution and retailing capacities, fuel options, and emerging technologies. Such an approach will produce a high degree of certainty and consistency for industry, investors and consumers through an integrated policy complete with realistic timelines for implementation,? Mr. Perez said.

The CPPI is asking all parties to commit to a process that would see the next federal government lead a working group of provincial governments, private sector and non-governmental organizations representing automakers, renewable fuel producers, feedstock suppliers, refiners, fuel retailers, environmental groups, Canadian drivers and consumers. The broad-based group would be charged with developing a national renewable fuels strategy for today and tomorrow that would:

? Ensure a harmonized, national approach to renewable fuels based on sound principles and the realities of Canada?s geography and fuel distribution system ? Deliver maximum benefits to Canadians ? Focus Government investments and incentives for renewable fuels where they would have the most impact ? Examine the potential of new and emerging technologies.

In the absence of federal leadership CPPI expects that the patchwork of fuel standards and inconsistent provincial renewable fuel policies will continue to grow which would be a disservice to motorists. ?Canadians and their cars should know what to expect when they fuel up,? Mr. Perez said.

?We all have stake in Canada?s energy future and in ensuring that Canadians continue to enjoy access to a secure, safe, adequate and affordable supply of fuels to meet their personal and business transportation needs. CPPI and its members are ready to work with the federal government and other stakeholders on optimizing the part that renewable fuels can play in making that future a reality,? Mr. Perez said.