Students Participate in Cross Country Ski Program

The weather on Thursday, January 20th warmed up just enough, to about ?14 degrees, for the two grade 5/6 classes at TRE to participate in a unique cross country ski program. The ?Partners TWO 2010? program from Cross Country Canada is designed to promote cross country skiing and introduce our youth to some of Canada?s star skiers.

The day started out with Mr. Greengrass? class gearing up with the skis that TRE has in its possession. The students headed outside and formed relay teams of 3 or 4 people. At the start of the race, the first skier from each of eight teams headed off and skied around the school field, following a groomed track that had been laid down by Larry White the previous day. As each skier came in to the finish area, he or she had to sit on a balloon and pop it before the next skier headed out. It was surprisingly difficult to pop the balloons, and in some cases a helper had to aid in the popping using the sharp end of a ski pole! The teams? finishing times were recorded, and the students headed in for lunch.

After the break, Mrs. Kennedy?s class donned ski gear and went through the same process of skiing in relay teams and popping balloons. It was great to hear the kids cheering each other on. Both classes had some ski instruction using the school?s skis earlier in the week, and their practice paid off.

Once the skiing was finished, both classes bundled up in their winter gear and walked to the Community Centre, where they were greeted with Slushies purchased by the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society. The students watched the movie ?Unlimited?, which is an action-packed cross country ski film. It features Becky Scott, who won a gold medal in Nordic skiing at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Afterwards, pencil cases donated by Cross Country Canada with their logo on it were given to all of the participants.

A big thank you goes out to Cross Country Canada for initiating this program, Larry White for grooming the ski track, the WNMS for the slushies, Vinnie?s Videos for reducing the price of the slushies, Birgit Sharman, Linda Helm and Ruth Walkley for putting the program on, and especially to the kids, who showed great spirit and truly enjoyed the day.

Mrs. Kennedy?s Class

– Team Time.

– Tannere Fredin, Heather Fryk, Michelle Schribar, Greg Selwood15:29

– Logan Slack, Alycia Starko, Sheena Walkley, Chantel Weipert 13:50

– Carina Helm, Duane Marie, Adrena

McIntosh 10:20

-Kelsey Legault, Layton MacLaren, Braighen -Bachnick, Trevor Gale 15:17

Dillon Isaak, Chris Ramirez, Samantha Southwick, Krista Trim 14:20

– Andy Smith, Alaina McNeil, Travis MartensJennifer McBain17:07

– Kristi Holm, Shawn Peters, Caitlyn McWhirter, Jessica Cameron 15:03

-Melissa Wheaton, Natalie Sharman

Darwin Miller 9:01

Mr. Greengrass? Class- TeamTime

-Greg Brown, Brianne Carpenter

Amanda Lemon20:40

– Matt Schmitt, Kara Ware, Joel Thomson

Bryce Kirby 19:20

– Ryan Lucas, Brittany Cyr, Brendan Colter18:10

– Crystal Fry, Danielle Friesen, Kyle Blum16:55

– Faunne MacLaren, Cody Legaspi

Darrell Schlief18:13

– Michael Webb, Kyrstyn Oram, Jamie Bye, Dakota Jung13:28

– Logan Wedgewood, Brandon Beaton

Kenny Cornell 14:30

– Jessica Philpott, Selenne Dorus, Austen Marshall, Tracy Davis15:37