Students Take Smart Classroom Courses

On September 6th, Applied Business Technology Students in Tumbler Ridge started their course delivered from the Chetwynd Campus through Smart Classroom Technology. This state of the art equipment is used to project written text across airwaves to a computer terminal, allowing students to access instruction in any classroom, regardless of distance. The Smart Classroom Technology provides more learning options through audio and visual instruction for students in rural and remote areas. The only thing the Tumbler Ridge students don?t see that the Chetwynd students see is the Instructor. This is the first time that Tumbler Ridge has had a program delivered through this technology format.

The students are excited about this delivery format. They no longer have to travel to other campuses to take the program. The ABT students will be able to take all their courses and obtain their certificate through this distance delivery. Graduates from this program will be able to pursue a career in the office or business world. In conjunction with other campuses, Tumbler Ridge Campus hopes to deliver more courses through Smart Classroom Technology to assist the public with their educational goals. This is the first of many to come.