Success By 6® Receives Government Grant

As part of its ongoing effort to enhance initiatives, programs and services for children, the provincial government is providing a $5 million grant to the Early Childhood Development Provincial Partnership for Success By 6.

Success By 6 in BC is a joint initiative of United Ways, Credit Unions of BC, the BC Government through the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), and community leaders. The initiative is dedicated to ensuring that children ages 0 to 6 have access to programs that support their healthy growth and development. Success By 6 builds community through engaging citizens in early childhood development and funding programs that include literacy, nutrition, children?s play, parenting and family skills

Research shows that social programs which best reflect and meet the needs of local children and their families, such as Success By 6, are more likely to achieve positive, effective results for the entire community.

Established with an initial government investment of $10 million in 2003, the partnership has facilitated the development of over 20 Success By 6 initiatives that support over 400 projects province-wide.

In Dawson Creek these programs include:

the 2007 Family Calendar;

New 0-6 playground at Kitchen Park;

Mother Goose programs through Child Care Resource

and Referral;

Flooring and parenting resource literature for the

Words On Wheels Bus;

Literacy/play programs for the WOW Bus;

Funding for Munchkinland;

Healthy Opportunities for Preschoolers;

Workshops, supporting the Robert Munsch Concert;

Indoor play space at the Multiplex.

Chetwynd Success By 6 is sponsoring the following programs:

Monthly Tabletop Calendar;

Baby Time Rhyme;

Family Literacy;

Prenatal Programs;

Early Child Development Website.

Tumbler Ridge has recently established their own Success By 6 Table and plans to use their allocated funding for:

Professional development;

Free Family Fun Night at their Community Center.

Success By 6 Aboriginal Engagement projects include:

Certification in Early Childhood Education;

Mother Goose Teacher Training for caregiver;

Cree lessons and jigging lessons for preschoolers;

Moe the Mouse and Nobody is Perfect;

Healthy Snacks for preschoolers?

Educational games and toys for day care centre;

Traditional Parenting Skills Workshops;

Beginning the Journey of Fatherhood;

Native Reflections Resource Material;

Attending the Aboriginal HeadStart Conference.

For more information on Success By 6® visit or

Locally,contact: Heidy Kux-Kardos, South Peace Success By 6 Coordinator at 782-7045