Hi! My name is Vickie Davis and I am the new Success By 6 Coordinator for Tumbler Ridge. My goal is to support the already existing group of people who have been contributing to this program and to bring to Tumbler Ridge: continued programming, needed services, obtain additional funding and assist with coordinating pertinent interest groups. I have been a resident of Tumbler Ridge since September 2000 and appreciate its natural beauty, as well as the beauty of its residents. I enjoy working with children and have raised two wonderful children of my own. My previous experience includes working with children in camps, Vacation Bible School and church. Past experience in fundraising and sales will come in handy. Any feedback is gladly welcomed! Please come to see me and bring me your ideas. You can find my office near the magazines in the back of the Library.

Success By 6 has been going strong in Tumbler Ridge since November 2007. Funds have been allocated to the community as follows:

?2007/2008 – $19,500, which was divided between the Tumbler Ridge Public Library and the Tumbler Ridge Children?s Centre Society ? spent on programs such as: Free Family Fun Night.

?2008/2009 – $10,000, which was divided between the Tumbler Ridge Public Library, Busy Bee and the Tumbler Ridge Children?s Centre Society with $2,300 allotted to wages and supplementing existing programs

?2009/2010 – $10,000 – $4,000 went towards different programs for both the Tumbler Ridge Public Library and the Tumbler Ridge Children?s Centre Society and $6,000 went towards Capacity Funds.

What is Success By 6? It is a joint initiative of the BC Government via the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), BC Credit Unions, United Way of BC, different community leaders and volunteers. These groups are all devoted to making certain that children ages 0 to 6 can grow up in a healthy, safe and secure environment, which will enable them to develop into socially responsible, successful learners that grow up to be well-rounded and capable adults.

Success By 6 envisions Early Childhood supports:

Child and Family Friendly Environment – Creating caring, safe ?child and family friendly? communities Maternal and Child Health – Supporting positive pregnancy, birth and physical and mental health of children through screening and follow-up care.

Quality Childcare Providing equitable access to high quality, language enriched, play based, culturally sensitive, licensed child care programs on a full-time, part-time, flexible and/or emergency basis

· Family Supports Strengthening parent and caregiver capacity through universal and targeted programs

· Early Literacy Promoting and supporting the development of emergent literacy and language skills.

· Recreation and Culture

Encouraging the involvement of young children in community recreation and cultural activities

· Early Intervention and Support Therapies Providing a range of targeted and clinical support for children with disabilities and those facing developmental delays

This initiative is looking to ensure that all children are well-equipped by the time they start school.

The Tumbler Ridge Success By 6 table currently consists of the following people:

Trevor Williams ? United Way of Northern BC Executive Director/SB6 Lead Partner

·Scott Trim ? Tumbler Ridge Lake View Credit Union Manager/SB6 Lead Partner

·Cindy Gabriel ? MCFD/SB6 Lead Partner

·Heidy Kux-Kardos ? South Peace Success By 6 Coordinator

·Vickie Davis ? Tumbler Ridge Success By 6 Coordinator

·Leslie Lambie ? School District 59 Principal

·Gloria Cleve ? Building Learning Together Society

·Michele Burton ? Tumbler Ridge Public Library Director

·Sharon Bray ? Tumbler Ridge Public Library Children?s Librarian

·Jodi Penner ? Tumbler Ridge Children?s Centre Society Manager

·Joy McKay ? Tumbler Ridge Community Centre Representative

·Dawn Wagner ? Teen/Senior Centre Representative

However, this is not a closed table and we would welcome parents with small children and other community representatives to join in our efforts and meet with us at our monthly meetings. The table also welcomes feedback in the form of recognized needs of the community with regards to Success By 6.