The Poker Ride and Gymkhana were a great success, leaving the Saddle Club with high expectations for next year. You didn?t need a horse to participate in the Poker Game, you could purchase individual Poker hands, cheer the riders on and let the kids participate in the children?s games. The Saddle Club had excellent prizes, silent auction, fifty fifty draw and a Chili dinner.

With the proceeds from the Poker Ride the Grizzly Valley Saddle Club (GVSC) donated $450 to palliative care and helped repair the roof on the Quonset.

The Grade Two Class came out for their ?End of School Party?. The kids learned about care and maintenance of horses, had pony rides, visited all the horses and donkeys then had a picnic.

Thanks to a District Grant the GVSC resurfaced the riding arena and bought a TR3 Rake to keep it tip top riding condition. Next year will be great!

Don?t forget that the Saddle Club will be having their second annual tailgate garage sale in the spring. Bring your vehicle, park, unload and sell. There will be a concession stand.

The Grizzly Valley Saddle Club would like thank all the volunteers and participants who came out to support them and look forward to seeing you all come out and visit next year.