Summer Palaeontology Lecture Series

The second in the TRMF summer palaeontology lecture series will take place in the Tumbler Ridge Library this Thursday 12 August at 7-30 pm.

Dr Guy Plint, and Masters Student Jessica Rylaarsdam, both of University of Western Ontario, will speak on


– an explanation of Tumbler Ridge’s dinosaur-bearing rock formations.

Dr Plint, stratigrapher and sedimentologist, has spent many summers in the past two decades in northeastern BC and probably knows more about our dinosaur-bearing rock layers than anyone else on earth. Those who attended the 2003 lecture series will remember his brief, outstanding description of how and why our rock formations formed, how old they are, their relationship to the dinosaur tracks and bones etc. Thursday’s talk will expand on these themes.

Jessica Rylaarsdam’s outstanding B. Sc. thesis was on the rocks in the canyon in which our dinosaur digsite is situated, and the environments that existed at the time. Jessica was awarded the gold medal of her graduating class last year.

Thanks in advance to Michele Burton and the staff of the Library for their help. Tea will be served.