Summer Plans at the LIbrary

Story time on Friday afternoons has been a staid library program for kids aged 5 and under for over 20 years. A standard in public libraries, it was Implemented in the Tumbler Ridge branch by Sharon Bray, the children?s librarian at TR Public Library, she loves it as much today as the first day she started. The children have a great rapport with Bray, who started at the library for the first time in 1984. She has been the children?s librarian since 1999.

Approximately 20 children and 17 adults attended the Storytime season ender, scheduled to start up again in September. Among the activities to do were a final story read by Bray, some songs and cupcakes.

Among the activities to do were;

During the summer months, the library has a program called Summer Reading Program and theme this year is Extreme Reading. It is a contest of sorts, encouraging the youth to read throughout the summer months and be rewarded for doing so. There are two age groups involved, the 0-15 and then teens over 15. More information can be found on the interactive webpage An interesting new item is the chatroom for young people to discuss the books they are reading.

Registration for Summer Reading Club will be June 24th at 1 pm in the library and the celebration and prizes will be awarded August 12th at 3 pm. Summer Reading runs each day (except Mondays) beginning July 3rd. Happy reading!