Sunday Shopping vs. Day of Rest

Gone are the days of expecting Sunday as a day of rest.

In a way I?d love to see Sunday return as a day of rest just so folks could get a break once in a while, so they could stop and smell the flowers. Personally, I have nothing against folks shopping Sundays if that?s what they want. It?s their choice really. With full time work, weekends often become the only time many can do their shopping, never mind ever getting a day of rest anymore. Who has time to rest!

My ideal: we?d grant everyone a day of rest so they?d cut out some of the stress of living in a fast paced society. This way they?d spend a few extra hours with their families and they?d become re-energized for another busy week at work. A lot of folks are running themselves ragged with no breaks in-between. They are living on a clock.

A Sunday drive has become a thing of the past in most cases. Today if you take a family out for a Sunday drive you?ll be greeted with scowls from those with a place to go if you are driving a little too slow for their taste. You might also get a look of disbelief because you?re driving the speed limit and you aren?t trying to get ahead of the next person. Sunday driving means going no destination, just enjoying the drive to see what life has to offer. You aren?t wearing blinders because you are actually looking around at everything.

What does this have to do with Sunday shopping? Nothing much, except when folks stayed home Sundays, they made time for Sunday drives, they relaxed with their families, they celebrated what all their hard work was about ? families, rest, and enjoying the world they live in. Sunday shopping didn?t stand in their way of enjoying life with their families.

Somewhere along the line, folks have forgotten the real reason people struggled working for their families. A day of rest allowed people to focus on the reasons behind why they had to work so hard in the first place. A day of rest would be great if it allowed people to remember it?s just good to be alive.