Support growing for Stand Up for the North regional conference

Broad support is developing for a regional conference to be held on the weekend of November 4th and 5th in Prince George at the College of New Caledonia. The title of the conference is: ?Stand Up for the North: What can communities do to renew our region in the wake of the pine beetle??

?The response has been phenomenal,? says Peter Ewart, spokesperson for the Stand Up for the North Committee which is organizing the event. ?So far we have been able to raise over $17,000 in donations from town and village councils, labour organizations, educational institutions and community groups in the region.?

According to John Grogan, Robson Valley organizer for the Committee, the reason why the conference is getting such good support is that ?the people of villages, rural areas, and larger centres in this region want to have a broad grass roots discussion where the hard questions will be asked and debated as to what must be done to preserve and build our communities and ensure healthy and sustainable forests.?

Bob LaVallee, Mackenzie organizer for the group, comments that ?small towns and big towns in the North have contributed a lot of revenue to the province over the years. In this coming period, where we will be facing many challenges as a result of the pine beetle, we have to make sure we get back what we deserve ? our fair share. The conference is going to be a good place to develop made-in-the-north solutions that benefit all the communities in the region.?

The conference will feature speakers from CNC and UNBC, labour, business, First Nations, community and environmental organizations, as well as civic and provincial leaders. People from all the communities of the Central Interior and North are invited to attend.

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