Support Library Book Rate and Private Members Bill C-458

Private Members Bill C-458, An Act to amend the Canada Post Corporation Act (library materials), is a bill introduced by Merv Tweed, MP for Brandon Souris on June 13, 2007, to protect Canada?s public libraries? access to guaranteed reduced postal rates for library materials and to expand the Library Book Rate to include non-print material.

The Library Book Rate is a negotiated, reduced Canada Post rate used by libraries for mailing library books that includes return postage. The Library Book Rate is crucial ? it allows to economically mail library books between libraries and to library patrons in rural and remote communities. Canada Post has guaranteed a reduced Library Book Rate until January, 2008. The loss of the Library Book Rate would be devastating to libraries across Canada and would impact programs used by BC library patrons such as interlibrary loan (OutLook Online), BC OneCard and books by mail.

Please support Private Members Bill C-458 and send your MP an email. or write to:

Constituency Service Centres: Main Office 9031-100th Avenue Fort St. John, BC V1J 1X5

Telephone: (250) 787-1194 Fax: (250) 787-1195

Prince George Office Suite 206, 575 Quebec Street, Prince George, BC V2L 1W6.

Telephone: (250) 561-7922 Fax: (250) 564-6224

Call Toll-free from anywhere within BC at 1(800) 661-1183

Suggested content for your email:


Protection of Canada?s libraries? access to the Library Book Rate


I, the undersigned, hereby add my support to Private Member?s Bill C-458 and the protection of Canada?s libraries? access to discounted postal rates for library material. I believe libraries are an integral part of our communities and would like to see the Government support this bill.

Thank you for helping to encourage a literate and strong community through the library.