Sydnei Doonan appointed Junior Councillor

Trent Ernst, Editor
In what is being proclaimed as a “first for British Columbia,” Mayor Darwin Wren has appointed Sydnei Doonan as Tumbler Ridge’s first Junior Councillor. 
Doonan says that she got the job simply by asking. “There weren’t a lot of people interested in the position. I don’t know how many people knew about it. Mrs. Proulx said to me ‘you should think about applying,’ and, well, here I am.”
The announcement was made at the February 12 Council Meeting.
Doonan says that this is the first step in her ultimate plan to rule the world as Empress. Then she laughs. “What I really want to do is becoming an abnormal- neuropsychoanalyst. Basically I’ll be studying crazy people, see what makes them tick.”
She says that she applied for the position because there’s no one really representing youth. “We don’t have a say. We don’t get to express our opinion, which kinda sucks. But I’d like to be more involved. I don’t know all that much about Tumbler Ridge, so I’m going to observe how it works. And I like politics.”
What are the teens of Tumbler Ridge looking for? Doonan says more things to do would be nice, from after school programs to general events to keep the kids occupied. “When people are bored, especially teens, they tend to do bad things.”
Doonan says she hopes she can use her involvement in the District level to get more students involved at school. “We don’t have a student council, and starting one would be a good thing. Youth in general aren’t involved. I’d like to see a girl and a guy elected from each grade.”
Doonan describes herself as a bit of a tree hugger, and wants to see what she can do to help the environment, like more recycling, especially at school. A recent campaign called “feed the flame” had some excellent ideas. “But they didn’t have any follow through.”
In an effort to keep track of the student’s opinions, Doonan says she’ll do polls for the big issues, and set up a suggestion box. And in order to keep the flow of information happening the other way, she says she’ll make announcements, spread information by word of mouth, and possibly do newsletters. 
“Or those little bulletins that you stick on corkboards, I love those.”
Doonan says she’s feeling nervous, especially when told that she might be the first junior councilor in the province. “There’s lots of pressure. But I’ll get used to it. I’ll get good at it. After the first few weeks, it’ll be easier. I’m nervous, but I’m also excited, because I want to do things to help this town.”