(TROTS- Tumbler Ridge Old Timers Society) What do you do with 65 old people to keep them amused on a Saturday? Well, perhaps you put on a Floor Curling Funspiel and invite them all to attend.

That?s what happened on Saturday, May 2 at the Tumbler Ridge Recreation Centre. Starting at 8:30 AM people started arriving from Beaverlodge, Toms Lake, Dawson Creek and Ft. St. John for a full, fun filled day. As they arrived they were treated to muffins, coffee and fruit supplied by the generosity of Safeway and Co-op from Dawson Creek. 15 teams were seen striving for top prize money and the prestige of being called ?The Best?.

As the competition heated on the floor there were also some serious card games taking place at the tables. Some played Euchre as still others were involved in hot Cribbage competition.

As the noon hour approached the ladies of the Legion Auxiliary came in and supplied a beautiful luncheon of cold turkey, potato salad and cole slaw. Some players wolfed down their lunch and dessert while still others continued their game with intensity. Then the switch was made until all were well fed and content.

Throughout the day other local seniors dropped in to enjoy the exchange and cheer on their favorites.

We were pleased to receive compliments from all of the visiting towns on the friendly fun atmosphere we had produced as well as the wonderful food. Some said they had never had such a great ?spread? before.

Among those in attendance were several who had never been to Tumbler Ridge and to say they were impressed would be an understatement. We passed out many of the beautiful new brochures as well as bringing their attention to the museum displays within the recreation centre.

At day?s end we all considered ourselves winners but the prize money went to: 1st Prize: Ron Wyatt, Lydia Ostashek, Edie Miller. Lyle LaDuke

2nd: Joyce Derow, Fred Merwin, Doris Theobald. Ernest Burgess

3rd: Horst David, Nellie Meredith, Lucy Lay, Ruth Edwards

4th: John Doll, Colleen Gies, Sonya Fisher, Ken Gardner

We are hoping to be able to have a repeat performance at the Recreation Centre in October. We are especially grateful to the Tumbler Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion for their generous cash donation of $250.